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Confused on steering wheel/hub installation pieces needed? Click Here for help!

These Billet Steering Hub Adapters will fit any standard 3 bolt type steering hub, (Impy, Lecarra, Formuling, Momo, Grant, etc) to most popular steering systems. You can also bolt the old traditional 3-bolt type Covico steering wheels right to them without an additional hub. They are manufactured out of 6061-T6 aluminum and are available in ten colors plus plain polished.

Standard tapered shaft adapters fit Morse, Teleflex, Hardin, Steermaster, Detroit, and others. All our late model adapters are now drilled with (12) thread holes to allow better indexing of the steering wheel to a straight position when installed. Only (3) of the (12) holes are utilized.

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6" 3 bolt Adapter, Tapered Hole

Code NameImagePrice  
457905Billet Steering Adapter 6”
Polshed Aluminum
Not currently in stock
Billet Steering Adapter 6”Polshed AluminumNot currently in stock  $88.00
457906Billet Steering Adapter 6”
Anodized Blue
Colors are special order and may have lead times
Billet Steering Adapter 6”Anodized  BlueColors are special order and may have lead times  $98.00
457907Billet Steering Adapter 6”
Anodized Gold
Colors are special order and may have lead times
Billet Steering Adapter 6”Anodized  GoldColors are special order and may have lead times  $98.00
457908Billet Steering Adapter 6”
Anodized Red
Colors are special order and may have lead times
Billet Steering Adapter 6”Anodized  RedColors are special order and may have lead times  $98.00
457909Billet Steering Adapter 6”
Anodized Black
Colors are special order and may have lead times
Billet Steering Adapter 6”Anodized BlackColors are special order and may have lead times  $98.00
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