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The original photographic images, text, and design on this website are the sole property of and are copyrighted by Rex Marine Corporation. Rex Marine end user or wholesale customers may only download Rex Marine copyrighted materials for their own use or reference relating to Rex Marine Products.

ANY COMMERCIAL USE BY ANY INDIVIDUAL OR COMPANY WITHOUT THE EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT OF REX MARINE CORPORATION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This includes copying photos or text for use on any website or any printed or other promotional materials for use in any commercial endeavor or enterprise. Rex Marine wholesale accounts are not exempt nor do they automatically qualify to use Rex Marine copyrighted materials in their promotions.

All customers and others must obtain written permission to use Rex Marine copyrighted materials. This is normally a simple process by which Rex Marine is guaranteed in writing that the user of its copyrighted materials will only utilize such materials in connection with the sale and promotion of Rex Marine's products. Use of Rex Marine copyrighted materials in promoting or marketing similar and/or other products made or distributed by others is strictly prohibited.

Copyright infringement is a crime and is punishable by law. If we at Rex Marine find unauthorized use of our copyrighted materials we will warn the infringing individual or company one time to correct the problem and remove the copyrighted materials from their website or other promotional materials. We will then proceed with legal action if the situation isn't corrected within ten days of this notice. That customer's account will also be closed immediately. Those who choose to use our copyrighted materials without our authorization for commercial use of any kind will be prosecuted and will be liable for all legal costs as allowed by law.

A simple rule of thumb here for wholesalers is: If any of the following conditions are present you cannot use Rex Marine copyrighted materials for promoting the products:

1. If you ever sell any products that you obtain from others that are in any way similar to Rex Marine Products or could be confused as being Rex Marine products when in fact they are obtained from a source other than Rex Marine.

2. If you sell Rex Marine Products but at any time whatsoever sell similar products obtained from others that could be confused with being Rex Marine products.

3. If you have not obtained express permission, in writing, from Rex Marine Corporation to utilize it's copyrighted materials.

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