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Teleflex Steering Systems

Teleflex Marine offers a wide variety of mechanical steering systems in both Rack and Rotary designs. If you have the space behind the dashboard to accommodate a rack style system we recommend choosing it over the rotary design. You can see from the pictures below that the rack takes up about a foot on each side of the helm. Therefore you must have clearance between the helm and the side of the boat to utilize a rack system. The rotary systems are much more compact and fit in tighter quarters.

The correct way to measure steering cables: If you are replacing a Teleflex, Morse, or other brand of cable or complete system the first thing you need to determine is the length of the cable your install will require.

For Rotary systems: Measure the jacket length, add 18 inches then round up to the nearest one foot increment.
For Rack systems: Measure the jacket length, add 30 inches then round up to the nearest one foot increment.

If you are doing a fresh install, route a piece of rubber fuel hose or equivilent where your cable will go. Measure the length and estimate what the jacket length will be and order appropriate length system.

Teleflex SS-141 The Rack Steering System
Teleflex SSC-134 Replacement Cables Only
Teleflex SS-137 Safe-T QC Steering System
Teleflex SSC-61 Safe-T QC Replacement Steering Cable
Teleflex SSC-130 Cable for Morse Command 200

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